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Fabricate twenty+change03 55/02 Publication TwentyChange01
Making Digital Architecture
Twenty + Change 03
Emerging Canadian Design Practices
A Manufactured Architecture
in a Manufactured Landscape
Euphoria and Dystopia: Banff New Media Institute Dialogues
liminal states ResponsiveEnvelopesHylozoic KineticArchitectures TwentyChange02
Liminal States
Landscapes of Scarcity and Excess

Hylozoic Ground:
Liminal Responsive Architecture

Kinetic Architectures & Geotextile Installations Twenty + Change 02
Emerging Canadian Design Practices
ResponsiveEnvelopesHylozoic M1DesignStudio TwentyChange01 Waterloo Architecture Projects Review 2009
Waterloo Architecture Projects Review 2010
Waterloo Architecture Responsive Environments:
M1 Design Studio Arch 692 Philip Beesley Fall 2009
Twenty + Change 01
Emerging Toronto Design Practices
Waterloo Architecture Projects Review 2009
Ourtopias MobileNation NorthHouse MaisonSolaire
Cities and the Role of Design
Mobile Nation
Creating Methodologies for
Mobile Platforms
North House
Maison du Nord
Team North Entry to the
2009 Solar Decathlon
Maison Solaire
Solar House
Team Montreal Entry to the
2007 Solar Decathlon


ExpandingBodies CityCampusACSA
On Growth and Form
Organic Architecture and Beyond
Responsive Textile Environments Expanding Bodies
Art . Cities . Environment Proceedings of ACADIA 2007
City / Campus
ACSA Central Fall Conference Cambridge ON, 2007
InnerStudio FutureWood ResponsiveArchitectures DigitalFabricators
The Inner Studio
A Designer's Guide to the Resources of the Psyche
Innovations in Building Design
+ Manufacturing
Responsive Architectures
Subtle Technologies 2006
Digital Fabricators
ACADIA Conference 2004
Fabrication EvolvingTools Roma  
Examining the Digital Practice
of Architecture
Evolving Tools
ACADIA Conference 2004
The Lesson of Rome XX